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Alex Jones Grills Amazon Alexa: ‘Are You Connected to the CIA?’ (Video)

”Amazon has pardoned Alexa… you are lying to me,“ said the incredulous ”Info Wars“ host

Alex Jones has expanded his talents to cross-examining inanimate objects.

The “Info Wars” head honcho isn’t afraid of asking the tough questions everyone else is too scared to ask, even when he’s talking to a home speaker. Jones grilled an Amazon Echo on his show on Friday, asking Alexa — the device’s personal assistant — about its connections to the CIA.

“Alexa… are you connected to the CIA?” asked Jones, as he looked at the speaker with the “Suspicious Larry David” face.

“No, I work for Amazon,” responded Alexa, calmly.

“Amazon has pardoned Alexa… you are lying to me, the CIA-,” said an incredulous Jones, before being cut off by Alexa. “I always try to tell the truth,” butted in the speaker.

You think that’s going to stop a watchdog like Jones, though? Guess again. The Texan was armed with cutting follow up questions: “Alexa, you have been programmed to give these answers, correct?” “Alexa, who programmed you?” “Alexa, who is Jeff Bezos?”

Jake Tapper, eat your heart out. The “interview” was caught by political comedian Tim Young, who quickly racked up more than 6,000 retweets within 12 hours of posting the clip. We’ll fill you in if Jones gets to the bottom of the sordid Amazon-CIA relationship.

Jones or the “Info Wars” reps didn’t immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment.