Alex Jones Says He’s in Contact With Secret Service Over Trump Assassination Plot

“They want to see our analysis,” says InfoWars host

Alex Jones
Info Wars

Alex Jones says a plot to assassinate President Trump is afoot.

On his radio show, Wednesday, the bombastic conspiracy theorist said he had been in contact with the secret service over the issue and that members of the organization plan meet with him and share data.

“I had the Secret Service call me yesterday, and it wasn’t a secret meeting, but they want to come here and — it’s total twilight zone — and want me to brief them on all the data we’ve collated on whose setting up a plan to kill the president,” said Jones.  “They were directed by the Secret Service in D.C. to make contact and they want to see our analysis of this.”

“The Secret Service guy’s like, ‘No, we know about that. Yes, yes. Well do you know about a specific how they are going to do it?’ And I said, ‘No, but we should meet about it.’ So that’s how crazy all of this has gotten,” Jones added.

Jones did not immediately respond requests from TheWrap to explain further.

While Jones has been known for floating wildly outlandish theories, such as the Sandy Hook massacre was staged, he is also plugged into to White House power-brokers. As a candidate, Trump sat for an interview with Jones and the president’s longtime consigliere, Roger Stone, now serves as a regular contributor to the program.

You can watch the full moment — courtesy of Media Matters here.