Alex Jones Says Jeff Bezos and CIA Are Spying on Trump With Light Bulbs

“If you don’t think Bezos is spying on you, sir, you’re crazy,” says “InfoWars” host Tuesday

Alex Jones offered his theory as to why the Trump White House is beset with leakers.

On Tuesday, the “InfoWars” host told listeners that a plot between the deep state and Amazon boss Jeff Bezos existed and spied on Trump using cell phones, lasers and light bulbs.

“If you don’t think Bezos is spying on you, sir, you’re crazy. He’s the richest man in the world. He hates your guts,” said Jones, while addressing Trump directly. “The head of the CIA said six years ago, ‘we’re going to listen to you over your appliances.’ They can listen over light bulbs. Yes, through the new light bulbs. They can listen through anything. It’s all resonance. And it’s all with sensors bouncing back up — these light bulbs have special sensors in them,” said Jones.

“They’ve got lasers on your windows listening. They’ve got people inside they’re paying off. They’re listening over the phones. They’re listening over the apps. They’ve got stuff over the smart TVs they can break into,” he added.

Jones even said that Trump himself might be a leaker since he was one of the few White House officials authorized to carry a cell phone.

The issue of leaks — long a problem for the Trump White House — took on renewed resonance this week after Axios reporter Jonathan Swan spoke to some of his leakers about their reasons for sharing information. Far from Amazon robots and deep state plots — Swan wrote that most of his people did it for a mix of personal vendettas, score-settling or to make sure that their side of a losing policy argument was given a public airing.

Jones has long been known for wild conspiracy theories and unprovable speculation. His dismissal of the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre as a hoax resulted in a defamation lawsuit from the parents of survivors. President Trump was interviewed by Jones in 2015.

You can watch the latest Jones rant above.