Alex Jones Sends Condolences to Sandy Hook Families Before Megan Kelly Interview

Jones did not directly apologize for spreading false flag theories about the shooting

Alex Jones Sandy Hook defamation lawsuit

In a video released by InfoWars hours before his NBC interview with Megyn Kelly, Alex Jones sent a Fathers’ Day message to the families of the children killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings in Newtown, CT. Offering his “sincere condolences,” Jones said that “parents should never have to bury their own children.”

“I’d also like to reach out to any of the parents who lost a child at Newtown, to invite them to contact me to open a dialogue,” Jones said. “I think it’s really essential we do that instead of letting the MSM really misrepresent things and really try to drive this nation apart.”

Jones did not directly apologize in the video for previously spreading theories stating that the 2012 shooting was a false flag hoax. NBC’s affiliate station in Newtown has decided to not air Kelly’s interview with Jones tonight.

On Saturday, The Washington Post published an op-ed column from Nelba L. Márquez-Greene, one of the parents of the Sandy Hook victims, who harshly criticized Jones and Kelly’s decision to interview him.

“On a weekend that honors dads, showcasing Jones — a man who has denied that our children were murdered — shows a breathtaking lack of sensitivity,” she wrote.

“Kelly’s rationale for airing the interview is to “shine a light” on conspiracy theorists. I would argue that we can shine a light on better things. […] We can do better than shining a light on someone willing to make money in a way that causes harm to so many.”

Watch Jones’ speech in the clip above.