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Alex Jones Sued by 6 More Sandy Hook Families

”The defendants’ reprehensible conduct caused substantial injury to the plaintiffs,“ reads the new suit filed in Connecticut on Wednesday

Six more families have filed suit for defamation against Alex Jones over the radio host’s past suggestion that the Sandy Hook school shooting was a hoax and the victims’ families had been actors. All of the new plaintiffs against Jones are family members of individuals killed during the shooting.

“The defendants unethically, oppressively, immorally and unscrupulously developed, propagated, and disseminated outrageous and malicious lies about the plaintiffs and their family members, and the did so for profit,” reads the suit, which elaborates on those charges in detail.

“The defendants’ reprehensible conduct caused substantial injury to the plaintiffs and other consumers that is not outweighed by any countervailing benefit to anyone, and that the plaintiffs themselves could not have reasonably avoided,” the complaint adds.

The suit was filed in state superior court of Connecticut on Wednesday.

The new litigation adds to what have already been significant legal woes brought against the noted radio conspiracy theorist. Last month. three parents of Sandy Hook victims filed suit against Jones over many of the same issues cited in the new suit, filed Wednesday in Connecticut.

Jones has faced legal threats in the past, both from yogurt maker Chobani and “Pizzagate” pizzeria Comet Ping Pong, resulting in on-air apologies.

On Monday Jones announced a muscular expansion of InfoWars, with plans to stream live 24-7 content and hire at least 15 more employees.

The radio host did not respond to request for comment about the new legal action against him, but in a statement to TheWrap yesterday, Jones us we could “make up whatever you want and give it to Soros.”