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Alex Jones, Trump and Hipster Music Don’t Mix – But You’ll Love It Anyway (Videos)

It’s a match made in… purgatory?

In a trend that has the Internet scratching its head and crying from laughter, the words of GOP leaders like Donald Trump and “Infowars” host, Alex Jones, are being turned into hipster anthems.

On Friday, the Los Angeles-based entertainment company, Super Deluxe, posted a video to its YouTube and Facebook accounts with the caption, “This is what Alex Jones’ rants would sound like as a Bon Iver song.” (Bon Iver is an American indie-folk band known for ballads like “Skinny Love” and “Holocene.”) A male singer — identified by Super Deluxe as Nick Lutsko — ironically croons the spitfire rants of Alex Jones over a soft acoustic guitar.

It’s exactly as weird as you think it is. You can listen to it in the above video.

This isn’t the first mashup of politics and music that Super Deluxe has done. Earlier this year, it remixed Trump’s speeches into an angsty emo tune. [“Emo” is short for “emotional.” In the first decade of the 2000s, emos were people — usually teenage boys — who sported tight pants and eye-concealing dyed-black hair. They connected with the emotional, often sad-sounding music of bands like Hawthorne Heights and Bayside.] The gentle guitar — which sounds identical to an old Dashboard Confessional song — mixed with the singer’s wailing voice take “SAD!” to a new level.

Unbelievably, the plot of this bizarre trend thickens. On Tuesday afternoon, Alex Jones randomly tweeted at Canadian indie rock band, Arcade Fire. To which the band expressed confusion:

By tweeting “DM,” perhaps the radio host was trying to tell the band that he wanted them to send him a direct message. But about what? What does this all mean? No one knows, not even Arcade Fire. As of Tuesday afternoon, Jones had not responded to AF’s request for answers. But he has replied to the Super Deluxe video.

He loves it.

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