Alex Jones and Tucker Carlson ‘Had a Few Drinks,’ Called Brian Stelter – and He Picked Up

What was said was as bizarre and awkward as you probably think

Tucker Carlson hosted Alex Jones on his X show this week, more than 90 minutes of conspiracy theories, rabbit holes and non sequiturs worthy of anyone’s wildest expectations – whatever those may be. But perhaps the hardest thing to believe was that the two had called Brian Stelter after a night of drinking and dining, and the former CNN host actually picked up the phone.

At one point in the show released Thursday night, Carlson turned to the topic of Stelter – who recently said he used to be a “big fan” of the erstwhile Fox News host back when they first met – by playing an old Infowars clip, in which Jones viciously attacks the then-“Reliable Sources” host.

And it was gnarly. Jones, snarling and growling, calls Stelter a “cowardly degenerate sack of anti-human trash. … These people are the literal demon spawn of the pit of hell. … He is your enemy! Period! I see you enemy! Enemy! Enemy! You are my enemy!”

That’s when Carlson admitted to their tipsy prank call from just the night before, which was executed, and successfully connected, by Carlson’s producer Justin Wells:

“I don’t know if you want me to reveal this but … we had dinner in our barn last night,” Carlson said. “And there were some drinks. And after dinner, you and my producer called Stelter on the phone. And it was on speaker, so I listened to it.”

Carlson praised Jones for always being “very clear in a very direct, pretty masculine way” about his thoughts on Stelter – and yet the former CNN anchor “was very kind of syrupy sweet with you.”

Jones replied: “That’s why I was sarcastic and told him I want to date him.”

“You did, yeah,” Carlson responded. “In fact, the exact line that you had was, ‘Brian, I’m not usually gay, but I want you. … and he seemed a little bit … I don’t want to say open to it, but he wasn’t shocked by it.”

“He was like, give me your phone number,” Jones replied. “And then he hit your producer up and said, ‘Please give me his phone number right now.”

Reached by TheWrap, Stelter acknowledged that he did, in fact, speak by phone with Jones.

“Always nice to hear from intoxicated old friends,” he said. “I guess they have a lot of time on their hands these days.”

Watch the exchange around the 40-minute mark in the video above.


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