Alex Rodriguez Proves He’s Lost a Step in Jimmy Fallon’s Batting Challenge (Video)

Use the tee, champ

Last Updated: May 11, 2018 @ 8:07 AM

Good thing A-Rod moved to the booth. Alex Rodriguez joined Jimmy Fallon Thursday evening for a little “Tonight Show” batting challenge when the former New York Yankees slugger hit way more weak grounders and popups than line-drives.

The rules of “Facebreakers” are pretty simple: The first batter to break all of the glass squares with his or her opponent’s face glazed on them wins. One can either use a tee or self-toss the baseballs.

With a perennial All-Star like Rodriguez in one of the batter’s boxes, you’d think this wouldn’t be too hard.

You’d be wrong.

Using his new signature A-Rod GS25 bat, Rodriguez strung together some weak sauce before finally busting one. Fallon, who has no form whatsoever, immediately matched it with a frozen rope of his own.

They then decided to go best two-out-of-three, and Fallon soon smashed the wrong pane. We have no idea who won this thing — probably just the two Bronx Bombers fans in the audience that eventually got the autographed aluminum (we know, composite, but allow a little alliteration — it’s Friday).

Watch the video above.

The A-Rod GS25 bats come out in July. Maybe don’t buy one based on these results.