Alex Wagner Laughs at Chris Christie’s Reluctance to Talk Trump: Does He ‘Not Realize That Is the Whole Point’ of His Candidacy? (Video)

“All you want to do is talk about Trump,” Christie said in a recent interview

Chris Christie apparently isn’t all that interested in discussing former president Donald Trump while on the campaign trail. And to MSNBC’s Alex Wagner, that’s a bit hilarious, considering the “whole point” of Christie’s candidacy is to challenge Trump.

Wagner’s amusement came on Tuesday night’s episode of her show, in which she chuckled at an irritated quote Christie gave Mark Leibovich in a recent profile for The Atlantic: “You guys drive me crazy. All you want to do is talk about Trump. I’m sorry, I don’t think he’s the only topic to talk about in politics. And I’m not going to waste my hour with you this morning…on just continuing talking, asking, and answering the Donald Trump question from 18 different angles.”

“Does Chris Christie not realize that is the whole point of Chris Christie as a presidential candidate?” Wagner said.

Leibovich himself was on “Alex Wagner Tonight” on Tuesday as well, and was just as amused, calling it “absurd” that Christie wanted to avoid Trump talk then, but then went to New Hampshire and made Trump a huge talking point.

“There is one reason that Chris Christie is in this race, and that is because he is extremely adept at, you know, potentially taking some real shots at Donald Trump,” Leibovich said.

“He knows Donald Trump better than most, he obviously has known him for a long time. He’s much more nimble, at least oratorially [sic] in a format like this, and that makes Chris Christie much more compelling, at least to me, than most of the other candidates.”

You can watch Wagner’s full discussion with Leibovich in the video above.