Alexander Skarsgard Reacts to Little Brother Bill as Pennywise, Object of Your ‘It’ Nightmares (Video)

Actor visits TheWrap to talk Emmys — and gets pleasantly sidetracked

Bill Skarsgard has been haunting your dreams for weeks now through images and trailers as his character Pennywise in New Line’s upcoming reboot of Stephen King’s “It.”

His older brother Alexander Skarsgard, however, has not been as acquainted with the nightmarish, insomnia-inducing killer clown his brother has morphed into, thanks to his back-to-back shooting schedule.

Skarsgard visited TheWrap this week as part of our Emmy Contender Quickie series, to discuss his role in the HBO phenomenon “Big Little Lies,” and we decided to share some of the terror.

Watch his live reaction to Bill as Pennywise above. It may melt your heart, instead of stopping it entirely.

Check back for more with Alexander in a forthcoming issue of TheWrap Emmy magazine.