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All In The Family For NBC, CBS Radio and MSN

Three media giants team up for massive cross-platform initiative on behalf of American Family Insurance.

Three different conglomerates are coming together for a joint marketing initiative with one goal in mind: Building up the brand image for American Family Insurance.


As part of American Family’s "The Family You Choose" campaign, the company is working with NBC Universal, MSN and CBS Radio/Katz Advantage to launch a series of integrated marketing initiatives designed to put the insurance company in a good light.


NBC U is launching "In Gayle We Trust," a 10-week digital series of comedic shorts from Brent Forrester (NBC’s “The Office”) that centers on the lives of the fictional townspeople of Maple Grove. Insurance agent Gayle Evans, played by Elisa Donovan (“Clueless,” “Beverly Hills 90210,” “Sabrina The Teenage Witch”), is the focus of the series.


NBC U Digital Studio produced the webisodes in association with Mindshare Entertainment. They’ll be promoted on NBC and USA and all of NBC U’s digital and mobile platforms; they’ll be hosted on ingaylewetrust.com.


CBS Radio, in conjunction with Katz Advantage, will use 140 of its stations to launch a "Family You Choose" radio promotion that will nudge listeners to share thanks with people who make their lives better. There’ll be a contest involved tied to a trip to New York City.


And over at MSN, the online giant will launch a web portal offering personal finance advice. MSN’s Liz Weston will anchor the site, buildingabrighterfuture.com, which will feature videos, top sheets, a blog and advice from Weston. There’ll be a video contest in which surfers can win an in-home visit from Weston, who will supply a personalized financial plan.


All three projects will be lined to American Family and its products, and will cross-link to each other. They’ll also all have easy access to locator widgets that will let consumers easily get in touch with an American Family agent.


Mindshare is coordinating the three initiatives.


“Innovative, integrated campaigns like this are necessary to truly reach consumers in their daily lives today,” said David Lang, North American President of Mindshare Entertainment. “They allow us to tell the full brand story, and then engage consumers in key aspects of the brand further through entertainment and education.”