Allison Janney Reprises ‘West Wing’ Character for White House Press Briefing (Video)

C.J. Cregg actress announces impromptu performance of “The Jackal” in front of White House correspondents

Allison Janney White House Press Briefing
ABC News

Allison Janney briefly reprised her “West Wing” character during a real press briefing at the actual White House Friday.

Janney channeled C.J. Cregg as she took the podium in the White House briefing room, informing real-life White House correspondents that Barack Obama’s press secretary, Josh Earnest, was out getting a root canal.

“Let’s be honest, I’m better than he is at this anyway,” she said.

The actress, who is at the White House Friday for a “Mom” even along with Chuck Lorre and Anna Faris, played President Bartlet’s (Martin Sheen) press secretary turned chief of staff on all seven seasons of NBC’s “The West Wing.”

During her brief gag at the podium, Janney also said she will be giving a performance of “The Jackal,” referencing one C.J.’s most iconic and enduring moments.

Watch Janney’s takeover of the White House press briefing below, as well as C.J. doing “The Jackal,” in episode 18 of Season 1 of “The West Wing.”