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Allison Williams Admits Being Scared for ‘Peter Pan Live,’ Gushes About Christopher Walken (Video)

”I am aware every single day that I am the luckiest girl — the luckiest boy-girl — in the world,“ the ”Girls“ star comically corrects herself

Allison Williams is prepared for takeoff — but the possible live TV turbulence of NBC’s “Peter Pan Live” is not lost on her.

The “Girls” star will don green tights and do some stunt-flying next month for the network Peter Pan adaptation, a followup to its hit “Sound of Music Live” last year. In a featurette released by the network on Saturday, Williams said that she knows people will draw comparisons between the two. She also admitted a moment of total fear over that fact.

“I watched ‘The Sound of Music’ like 19 million other people did,” Williams said. “I was completely blown away by it.”

“This is enormous,” she said of her opportunity. “I’m not gonna lie — the bigness of it felt scary for a hot second.”

Despite being alone on the wire, Williams won’t be alone on the stage. And she couldn’t be happier to battle the accomplished actor behind Pan’s nemesis Captain Hook, Christopher Walken.

“He is so deeply cool,” Williams said of Walken. “Even when he’s not doing anything, he’s better at acting than I’ve ever been. Even when he’s just sitting around, he’s funnier than I’ve ever been.”

“I am aware every single day that I am the luckiest girl — the luckiest boy-girl — in the world,” Williams concluded, referring to the classic gender-swap casting of the show’s titular role.

“Peter Pan Live” airs Dec. 4 on NBC at 8 p.m.

Watch the video:

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