Alonzo Brooks ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ Update: FBI Seeks Tips About a 2nd Party That Night

23-year-old Black man disappeared after a Kansas house party in 2004

Alonzo Brooks 'Unsolved Mysteries' Update: FBI Seeks Tips About a Second Party That Night

“Unsolved Mysteries” has just released an update in the case of Alonzo Brooks, a 23-year-old Black man who was found dead a month after disappearing from a 2004 house party in La Cygne, Kansas.

According to the Netflix series’ official Twitter page, the FBI has learned of a second party that took place on the night Brooks disappeared and are now seeking more information.

“UPDATE: The FBI learned of a second party in La Cygne, Kansas the night Alonzo Brooks disappeared,” the post reads. “Attendees left the party after a fight broke out, then headed to the Farmhouse where Alonzo was last seen. If you attended either party or know someone who did, please come forward.”

Anyone with information can call 816-474-TIPS or

Brooks’ case was covered in Vol. 1 of Netflix’s reboot of the popular mystery series, which is known for investigating unsolved cases from around the world. Vol. 2 of the series was released in October.

Not long after his episode, “No Ride Home,” premiered in July, Brooks’ body was exhumed after the FBI reopened the 16-year-old case.

Brooks’ family has long suspected foul play surrounding his death, one reason being that the young man’s body was never located in initial searches conducted by state officials, but was instead found by friends and family weeks later by the edge of a creek not far from where the party had taken place. As detailed in “No Ride Home,” some believe that Brooks was murdered in another location and that his body was later moved.

At the time of the exhumation, the FBI was offering a $100,000 reward for information resulting in an arrest connected to his case. The family also said they had received new tips with information about the case since the episode of the mystery series aired earlier that month.

“Unsolved Mysteries” co-creator Terry Meurer said that she believes a break in Brooks’ case relies on witnesses coming forward that have previously remained silent about what happened that night. Brooks’ family has speculated that his death may have been the result of a hate crime.

“In the Alonzo Brooks case, there were a lot of kids that were at the party that night,” Meurer said. “They were all 16, some of them were underage-drinking, 16, 17, 18 years old. And those kids are now in their early 30s. There’s some in that crowd who know what happened to Alonzo.”


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