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‘Altered Carbon’ Star Dichen Lachman Talks Naked Sword-Fighting Scene (Exclusive Video)

”So you’re sliding and slipping, and there is blood and it’s sticking everywhere,“ sci-fi star tells TheWrap

(Warning: Minor spoilers ahead for Netflix’s “Altered Carbon.”)

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to sword fight while naked, “Altered Carbon” star Dichen Lachman is the person you want to talk to, as she is now an expert in the very niche skill.

Lachman, who plays Reileen in the new Netflix series and says she is not proficient in sword-fighting, broke down the complex scene she shot during an interview with TheWrap’s Stuart Brazell. As you can imagine, it wasn’t easy to weild a blade sans clothes.

“It took a long time and the reason is because there were so many logistical things that had to be dealt with,” Lachman said. “We had nine girls that were dressed — undressed — to look like me [with] body paint, wigs. You know, we all had to look very similar.”

“It was physically challenging for me because I was completely naked. I didn’t have any protection,” Lachman continued. “The glass was made out of silicone, and every time someone stepped on it — and there is 100 crew in there — it would turn into sand. So you’re sliding and slipping and there is blood and it’s sticking everywhere. And you’re absolutely naked, all you have is this tiny little wig for your downstairs. That was something there were a lot of conversations about.”

Lachman also discussed the comparison between showrunner Laeta Kalogridis’ series and the “Blade Runner” franchise and the specific struggles women face within the show’s universe.

Watch the full interview above.

 “Altered Carbon” Season 1 is available on Netflix now.

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