Kaitlin Olson: We Won’t Do Next ‘Always Sunny’ Season Without Glenn Howerton

“There’s no way we’re gonna to do next season with zero Dennis — there just isn’t,” she tells TheWrap

its always sunny in philadelphia
Patrick McElhenny/FXX

Better clear your schedule, Glenn Howerton, because Kaitlin Olson says “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” ain’t happening without you.

In an interview leading up to tonight’s big Halloween bash on Olson’s Fox hit “The Mick,” she gave TheWrap the latest update on how her other television show is handling Howerton’s indecision. Howerton, who will star in NBC’s upcoming “A.P. Bio,” has said he may or may not be back to play Dennis Reynolds in the 13th season of “Sunny.”

“We are hoping we can con him into doing at least half, so that he would recur,” Olson said. “There’s no way we’re gonna to do next season with zero Dennis — there just isn’t.”

“I’m still holding out hope that he has enough of a break from [‘Sunny’] that it’ll be fun for him to come back and not have to write, not have to produce, not have to do any of that — just come back and act,” she continued. “That would be a pretty hard thing to pass up because it’s such a fun show.”

A rep for Olson later clarified to TheWrap that “It’s Always Sunny” will be back even if Howerton doesn’t return. So you may want to take Olson’s comment as being of the we’re-gonna-get-him-don’t-you-fret variety.

“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” has been renewed for two more seasons on FXX, which are slotted for 2018 and 2019.

“The Mick” airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Fox. Check back with TheWrap soon for more from our interview with Olson.