Alyssa Milano: ‘We Probably Should Have Investigated’ Bill Clinton Sexual Misconduct Accusations

“This is not about partisan politics to me. This is about humanity,” the actress says on CNN

Alyssa Milano says that it was a mistake that sexual misconduct accusations against former president Bill Clinton in the 1990s were not investigated.

“I don’t think Bill Clinton should have gotten that benefit of the doubt, in hindsight,” said Milano Thursday during an appearance on “Cuomo Prime Time.” “I think that as a nation we were in a different time. I think that women were continually being silenced and I think we gave him the benefit of the doubt and we probably should have investigated the allegations against him as well.”

“Really?” said Cuomo with evident surprise.

“This is not about partisan politics to me. This is about humanity,” Milano continued. “Even though this process is so uncomfortable for everyone … it’s vital that we get past this.”

In addition to his affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky, Clinton faced a raft of less famous accusations from women in the 1990s — including from Juanita Broaddrick, who accused Clinton of raping her while she was a nurse during the 1970s.

Actress and activist Milano has become one of the most vocal members of the Hollywood community to speak out against the Kavanaugh nomination. She attended the judge’s hearing last Thursday in which he defended himself against charges of sexual misconduct brought by accuser Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

Milano’s live tweeting of the event went viral at the time and her subsequent commentary has stirred ire among conservative critics. On Fox News Wednesday, Ben Shapiro accused her of “sexism” saying that for Milano and Democrats “white men are presumed guilty because they are white men.”

In another interview earlier this week, Milano said that President Trump was using “cult like” powers to communicate with his followers.