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Amazon Wants to Pimp Your Home With Its Own ‘Geek Squad’

The e-commerce behemoth is hiring in-house tech experts to help customers with Alexa and smart appliances

Amazon is taking a page out of Best Buy’s playbook, as it starts to build out its own version of the electronic store’s “Geek Squad,” its in-house stable of tech experts that assist customers with their appliances.

For the past few months, Amazon has been hiring employees for its Geek Squad facsimile, aiming to help users set up their “smart homes” — where several appliances are controlled via apps — for a small fee.

The key to the service for Amazon, though, is offering free Alexa tutorials. Amazon’s home speaker service will increasingly drive revenue for the company in the years ahead, as customers continue to order items through Alexa.

As Whole Foods comes into the fold — and Amazon refines its drone delivery service – it’s even more important for Amazon to have its customers comfortable with using Alexa; the more it can push users back into the Amazon ecosystem of products, the better it is for the bottom line. Amazon is offering 45 minute tutorials for its Alexa users.

At the same time, Amazon is looking to curb returns for its smart-home appliances with its new service.

Amazon’s in-home assistance is already available in seven markets: Portland, San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Jose, Orange County, and its home city of Seattle.

And with more job openings looking for workers with Apple Genius or Geek Squad experience, Amazon is poised to continue rolling out its fleet of tech gurus.