Amazon Creates Book Lending Library for Prime Members

Members premium subscription service can borrow one e-book a month from a list that includes over 100 current and former New York Times best-sellers

Amazon is getting into the library business. 

The online retailer announced Wednesday night that it will allow members of its Prime subscription service to borrow up to one e-book a month for free. 

While, sort of free — Prime costs $79 a year. Other benefits include free two day shipping and a video streaming service.

The move not only bolsters Prime's offerings at a time when it is in direct competition with sites like Netflix for streaming dollars, it also provides an extra layer of varnish to Amazon's Kindle. 

There will be 5,156 available titles, including over 100 New York Times best-sellers, the company said. That sounds impressive, but the Wall Street Journal reports that none of the sixth largest book publishers are participating in the program's launch. 

One thing that should keep Amazon customers happy is that, unlike a library, there are no late fees or time limits. Users can borrow the book for as long as they please.