Amazon Prime Subscribers Are Binging on ‘Justified,’ ‘The Good Wife’

The online giant disclosed binge viewing habits of its customers

Amazon provided more evidence of online binge viewing habits Wednesday when it disclosed subscribers' ravenous appetite for episodes of "Justified" and "The Good Wife."

According to the online giant, Amazon Prime subscribers tend to watch whole seasons of these shows within two weeks. The company said that 30 percent of customers who stream shows finish up seasons ranging from 10 to more than 20 episodes in that time frame.

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Amazon's main rival Netflix keeps specific numbers on the consumption habits of its customers under wraps, but it has acknowledged that they tend to have accelerated viewing patterns when watching television shows it offers on its streaming service. The company has even structured the release schedule for shows it produces to accommodate these preferences.

For instance, Netflix released all 13 episodes of "House of Cards," its political thriller starring Kevin Spacey, in one complete package so subscribers wouldn't have to wait between installments. It plans a similar strategy for the release this month of a new season of "Arrested Development."

The company did not release information about how long it took subscribers to reach the end of the first season of "House of Cards," but data collected by outside internet traffic monitoring firms indicates that a large percentage of users watched the show in its entirety the first weekend it was available.

Waiting a week to find out what happened is so 2012.