Amazon Bids on Disney’s 22 Regional Sports Networks Acquired From Fox (Report)

Tech giant would add coverage of 44 pro teams if a deal is struck

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Amazon is bidding on Disney’s 22 regional sports networks, according to a Tuesday report from CNBC.

The tech giant joined several other major bidders, including TEGNA and Sinclair Broadcasting, according to CNBC. There was no reported price tag, but the deal is expected to swell upwards of $20 billion for the entire slate of channels.

The winning bidder would land the rights to multiple channels in the midwest, along with the YES Network, which carries the New York Yankees. Altogether the 22 regional networks, picked up by Disney in its $71.3 billion acquisition of much of 21st Century Fox’s assets, carry 44 professional sports teams across the MLB, NBA and NHL.

Disney accepted the Justice Department’s stipulation earlier this year it needed to sell the Fox sports networks if it was going to complete its massive buyout.

Amazon did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment on the report.

If Amazon were to win the regional sports rights, it would mark a dramatic shift, signaling major tech companies are not only interested in challenging legacy media companies when it comes to producing content. Amazon, along with other companies like Facebook, have slowly added sports coverage in recent years — with Amazon broadcasting 11 Thursday Night Football games this year.

Fox hasn’t bid on its old assets, yet, according to CNBC, but the outlet reported last month Rupert Murdoch is interested in bringing them back into the fold.