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Amber Tamblyn Tells James Woods: ‘This Is Now Far From Over’

”Casino“ actor shouldn’t have called her Las Vegas pickup line a ”lie,“ actress says

Tread lightly, James Woods.

That’s Amber Tamblyn’s (latest) message to the 70-year-old actor. The two have been feuding — hard — for almost 24 hours now, which all started when Woods expressed disapproval over a gay affair between a 17-year-old boy and a 24-year-old man in Armie Hammer’s new film, “Call Me by Your Name.”

The comment led Hammer to remind people of 2013, when a 66-year-old Woods was reportedly dating a 20-year old.

Tamblyn then jumped in to tell a story  how Woods allegedly trying to pick her and a friend up when the “127 Hours” actress was just 16-years-old. Woods called that tale “a lie,” which just led to this new clap-back from Tamblyn:

Here’s Armie’s and Amber’s initial tweets on the topic:

When Woods called B.S. on that ever happening, Tamblyn posted this string of text messages:

Don Cheadle, Lena Dunham and others hopped to the support of Tamblyn, with the “Girls” star tweeting, “f— this guy.”

Dunham added: “I’d lay under a train for the brave queen that is (but I would not lay under James Woods)”

That last part seemed to give Woods a sigh of relief: