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AMC Exec’s Fake Twitter Account: ‘We’ve Slashed The Killing’s Chewing-Gum Budget’

With his network standing accused of cheapness following the expensive re-upping of ”Mad Men,“ original programming head Joel Stillerman comes under humorous fake-Twitter account fire

"It's not my fault that Darabont didn't want to incorporate already-shot-footage from The Mist into The Walking Dead," @joelstillerman tweeted Sunday.

Earlier, he added, "Hey guys! Wondering if anyone knows of surplus stores in the CA area where I could get a meth lab props for under $400. #Thanks #HitMeBack."

Of course, this is not the Joel Stillerman, original programming chief for AMC, but likely one of the many in Hollywood and beyond who are angry with Stillerman and the cable network's other managers for committing too much of their resources to re-up "Mad Men," and leaving not enough to other AMC shows, notably "The Walking Dead" and "Breaking Bad."

A chasm in compensation is said to be the reason that "Walking Dead" creator/former showrunner Frank Darabont ended up walking away from the series; negotiations to re-sign "Breaking Bad" have also proven challenging.

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Attempts to reach AMC PR Sunday by TheWrap were not fruitful … but fake Joel Stiller kept right on going:

>> People who say I cut corners at AMC are dead wrong. Just wait til you see The Killing's season 2 premiere #SpecialFX #TwoLindensSplitScreen 

>> Big Announcement! There will be a 2nd season of Rubicon! Just kidding. Do you know how much that fucking train scene cost to shoot? #2much

>> I know this Bryan Cranston guy is good…but is he $200,000-I-Could-Save-By-Recasting-Walter-White-With-Jim-Norton good? Hm…time will tell

>> This may upset some fans, but we are slashing the gum-budget from The Killing. Now, only half the scenes will have obnoxiously loud chewing.