AMC Launching ‘Walking Dead’ Web Series Monday

The online series will cover the backstory of “Bicycle Girl,” the zombie shot by Rick Grimes in the series pilot

The season two premiere of "Walking Dead" is less than a month away, and AMC is making the wait a little easier by launching a six-episode "Walking Dead" Web series on Oct. 3.

The Webisodes will unfold the backstory of Hannah, a.k.a. "Bicycle Girl," the leg-less zombie shot by Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) shortly after he left the hospital in the series premiere.

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The online series will clue fans in on the pre-zombie apocalypse life of Hannah (Lilli Birdsell), and how she tried to protect her family when the zombies came calling. It will also reveal how she ended up as a "walker" herself.

All six Hannah-themed Webisodes premiere at on Monday (2 p.m.), while season two of "Walking Dead" premieres on the network Oct. 16 with a special 90-minute episode.

The series cast and "Walking Dead" comic creator Robert Kirkman are also scheduled to speak at a panel session at New York Comic Con on Oct. 15, which will include a sneak peek at season two.