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AMC Announces ‘Pokemon Go’-Esque Game for ‘The Walking Dead’

The network continues to capitalize off its most popular show

AMC is coming up with more ways for fans to interact with their favorite zombie show.

The network announced Tuesday that it’s launching an augmented reality location-based game called “The Walking Dead: Our World,” which is set to launch on iPhone and iPad and then later on Android devices.

Think of something like “Pokemon Go,” the app that spawned a fleeting — but still popular — worldwide phenomenon. In “Pokemon Go,” players use their phones to catch pokemon that spawn based on your location and to battle in gyms across the world. “Our World” will be similar, allowing players to fight walkers as they move around.

The game, created with Finnish games developer Next Games, will also feature fan-favorite characters from the show that can help in the fight, including Daryl and Michonne.

The two previously collaborated on “The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land,” a mobile game where players collected characters to take on locations. That game has been downloaded over 16 million times.

AMC also released a trailer to go along with the announcement, which shows normal people fighting against the walker threat. You can watch it above.

A release date hasn’t been announced.

AMC has been capitalizing off the success of its most popular show. It also recently announced a “Walking Dead” fan rewards program, including a club that lets audiences trade in actions related to the show for prizes and a subscription box.

The new season is set to premiere on Oct. 22 on AMC.