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‘American Crime’ Star Connor Jessup on Similarities to ‘Making a Murderer’ (Exclusive Video)

”It is about how the system … adds trauma after the fact,“ ABC actor tells TheWrap

Connor Jessup plays an alleged rape victim on Season 2 of ABC’s “American Crime.”

The new season of John Ridley‘s crime drama is certainly timely, coming on the heels of Netflix’s true-crime docu-series sensation “Making a Murderer.”

During a new episode of StudioWrap, Jessup admitted that he’s only watched one episode of “Making a Murderer,” but he can already see the similarities between the two series.

“It is about how the system, whether it’s the legal system, the school system, or the health system, adds trauma after the fact,” said the actor, who plays a high school student who is sexually assaulted by male classmates in the second season of “American Crime.”

“This kid’s already traumatized by what happened to him, and he has to go through this whole broken system that questions him and doubts him and at every turn, tries to poke holes in what he’s saying,” Jessup said of his character. “That’s what all of these victims, all these survivors, who are brave enough to say something, that’s what they have to deal with.”

The actor also described what it was like going from five seasons on the TNT sci-fi drama “Falling Skies” to a gritty crime drama.

“American Crime” airs at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.