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‘American Honey’ Stars Dish on Their Laid-Back Shoot (Exclusive Video)

”Fun doesn’t even describe it,“ actor Isaiah Stone tells TheWrap about making the movie

For the four young leads in Andrea Arnold‘s “American Honey,” a coming-of-age road trip film, shooting the movie felt a lot more like hanging out with friends than it did like work.

“Fun doesn’t even describe it,” Isaiah Stone, who plays Valium, told TheWrap during the Toronto International Film Festival.

Sasha Lane, who plays Star, the movie’s teenage protagonist, was recruited for “American Honey” when she was just relaxing on a beach in Florida, not as part of a formal casting call. Arnold approached Lane after observing her for a bit, and she ended up in the lead role.

“That’s how she does it,” Lane said. “She’s just kind of watching. I think she’s really big on picking up energies and seeing what she wanted, and I guess there was kind of this free spirit that she saw.”

And Riley Keough, who plays Krystal in “American Honey,” said the actors weren’t given much of a hint into what was coming next.

“We didn’t have a script,” Keough said. “She would give us our sides the night before, sometimes a few hours before we would shoot the scene.”

“It’s more like documenting our summer,” Lane said.

Watch the video above.