‘American Horror Stories’: Madison Bailey on How Kelley and Chad Got Burned by Their Own Badass Plan

“We think we’re being heroes,” “Outer Banks” star tells TheWrap

American Horror Stories Drive In
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“Outer Banks” star Madison Bailey took on her first horror role in this week’s chapter of “American Horror Stories,” entitled “Drive In.” Bailey, who played teenager Kelley, and her co-star Rhenzy Feliz (Kelley’s boyfriend, Chad), got a crash course in how to take out zombies — well, people rapidly turned into zombies by a quite literal horror flick called “Rabbit Rabbit” — and defeat the human monster at the end of their real-life slasher, who turned out to be “Rabbit Rabbit’s” psychotic director, Larry Bitterman (John Carroll Lynch).

Bailey’s Kelley survived to finally consummate her relationship with Chad in a moment where she felt safe and loved enough to do so. But it turns out, in typical “AHS” fashion, their big win was all for not, because Bitterman managed to get his evil film streaming on Netflix before they got their revenge by burning him alive.

“I think in a way we’re saved, but we kind of take over as being — we think we’re being heroes killing the director,” Bailey told TheWrap. “We think we just saved the entire world. I mean, obviously, it’s revealed at the end that we don’t. But it is interesting that it does end with us hooking up. And I think it’s just all inhibitions are gone, anything that was holding us back is gone. We just had such a chaotic night, it’s just like, all walls are down at that point after what you’ve seen.”

So seeing as Kelley and Chad didn’t actually pull off the big hero moment they think they did, what does Bailey think the young couple would do next?

“I feel like Chad and Kelley would feel some type of responsibility. I think maybe they go big and maybe they would try to fix all of that,” Bailey said. “I don’t know how exactly they would (laughs). I assume they would then take steps to get it removed from Netflix.”

A new episode of “American Horror Stories” launches next Thursday on FX on Hulu.


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