‘American Horror Story: 1984’ EP Says ‘If You Have a Taste for ’80s Horror, You’re in for a Treat’

“This has been an area that Ryan [Murphy] has talked about since I’ve known him,” Tim Minear tells TheWrap

american horror story 1984

There is very, very little that “American Horror Story” fans currently know about Season 9 of the Ryan Murphy-created FX anthology series. But based on the precious few details we do have about the installment, dubbed “AHS: 1984,” viewers’ interest has certainly been piqued.

And now that TheWrap has been able to pull a few more morsels about the ninth season out of “AHS” executive producer Tim Minear, we’re sure you’ll be even more eagerly anticipating the chapter’s debut this fall. If you like old slasher flicks, that is.

“I will tell you nothing, except that I think it’s awesome,” Minear told TheWrap in an interview Friday, ahead of Monday’s Season 2 finale of Fox’s “9-1-1,” another series he executive produces with Murphy. “I think it’s gonna be really scary but a lot of fun, like it always is. And that if you have a taste for ’80s horror, you’re in for a treat.”

When we asked if the decision to do a slasher-themed season was related that particular brand of horror’s recent resurgence, thanks to movies like last year’s “Halloween” sequel and 2017’s “Happy Death Day,” Minear said probably not.

“Generally, Ryan is ahead of the zeitgeist as opposed to following it,” he told us. “So what I would say is that this has been an area that Ryan has talked about since I’ve known him and it’s just a real sweet spot for him. And I think it was time for him to do it.”

Murphy revealed the long-awaited title of the upcoming ninth season of “American Horror Story” with a cryptic teaser last month, which was set to Billie Eilish’s “Six Feet Under” and follows a knife-wielding masked man chasing a girl through the woods.

No plot or character details have been released for “AHS: 1984,” with the only casting announcements — the return of “AHS” alum Emma Roberts and the series debut of Olympic medalist Gus Kenworthy, who is playing her boyfriend — having been made by Murphy himself back in February.

The eighth season of the anthology, “AHS: Apocalypse,” was a crossover between Season 1 (“Murder House”) and Season 3 (“Coven”) and featured many of the show’s stars reprising previous roles, including Roberts, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Taissa Farmiga, Jessica Lange, Connie Britton, Angela Bassett, and Dylan McDermott.

“American Horror Story: 1984” will premiere this fall on FX.