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‘American Horror Story’ Breathing-Earth Scene Isn’t All Fiction – Here’s Proof (Video)

The forest seemed to come alive on FX show’s season premiere, much like it did in a viral YouTube video last year

In the eerie finale to the Season 6 premiere of “American Horror Story,” there were a lot of creepy things that happened. Kathy Bates got hit by a car and walked away unscathed. An evil cult carrying torches was closing in on Shelby (Sarah Paulson), who was attacked by a man that had the top of his head chopped off.

But perhaps the creepiest scene was the one that was all too similar to an actual event that got filmed on a smartphone last year.

While stumbling through the woods, Shelby noticed that the very forest itself seemed to be alive, as the ground beneath her seemed to rise up and down as if it were breathing.

And in a far more peaceful hike he took on a very windy day in Nova Scotia last year, nature lover Brian Nuttall took a video of the forest moving beneath his feet. The clip, which you can see above, looks just like the “Breathing Ground” scene on “AHS.”

But when Nuttall posted the video to Facebook, he said he believed he had a scientific explanation for the strange sight. He thought it had to do with the roots in the forest losing their grip on the loose soil.

“I believe the larger trees are doomed to blow down, but are currently spared, the smaller trees around them help hold each other up, as the wind pushes the trees into one another,” Nutall said. “The punishing prevailing winds have taken their toll on the side hill, the roots have loosened and the mossy ground from the once shaded forest floor is giving way, soon to be toppled over.”

“American Horror Story” claims that this season’s tale, “My Roanoke Nightmare,” is inspired by true events. Though the show’s mythos is deeply rooted in the occult, it would be interesting if this creepy scene was actually due to natural forces rather than supernatural ones.

Still, some believe that the breathing ground on the TV show will be connected to Lady Gaga‘s character, who said in a BBC Radio interview that her character is “in the earth.”

“American Horror Story” airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on FX.