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‘American Horror Story: Cult’ Fans Agree: Ozzy Has the Right Idea

The best solution to a killer clown on ”American Horror Story: Cult“ is to ignore it and go back to bed, according to fans on Twitter

Everyone could relate to little Ozzy (Cooper Dodson) on this week’s “American Horror Story: Cult.” He saw a scary clown, he asked if it was real, and then he minded his own business.

Ozzy, whose parents are the constantly freaking out Ally (Sarah Paulson) and Ivy “Haven’t seen a single clown yet” Mayfair-Richards (Alison Pill), started the episode having night terrors. It seems “American Horror Story: Cult” has real killer clowns and at least one fictional one in Twisty (John Carroll Lynch), and Ozzy found himself facing down the latter in a dream early in Episode 2. So later in the episode, at the advice of creepy babysitter Winter (Billie Lourd), Ozzy asked the clown walking through his room if it was real, or if he was dreaming.

The clown told Ozzy he was dreaming, and Ozzy went right back to bed. An extremely correct move for fans.


Fans are also still trying to figure out just which characters are actually behind all those clown scary clown masks, since Ozzy confirmed again in this episode that he really did see clowns kill the Changs across the street. It’s not all in Ally’s head after all.

Episode 2, titled “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark,” saw the introduction of two new characters: Harrison (Billy Eichner) and Meadow Wilton (Leslie Grossman), a couple of new neighbors who many suspect are members of the cult.


Still, they have good taste.

Speaking of weird people, the Mayfair-Richards didn’t wind up firing Winter, despite everyone’s advice on Twitter. They’ll probably regret that decision.


Then again, a lot of people really get Winter’s priorities.

But what everyone’s really wondering after two episodes of “American Horror Story: Cult” is why extremely twitchy, massively phobic and very paranoid Ally keeps investigating spooky things, and is allowed to have deadly weapons.



If only she could convince people those clowns were real.