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‘American Horror Story: Cult’ Fans Give Ally a Round of Applause

After spending the whole season annoying everyone with her screaming, ”American Horror Story: Cult“ fans have come around on Sarah Paulson’s character

(Note: This post contains spoilers for the Oct. 31 episode of “American Horror Story: Cult.”)

Fans of “American Horror Story: Cult” have had a tumultuous relationship with Ally, Sarah Paulson’s character, all season.

Ally’s been put through the wringer on “AHS: Cult” as the focus of the clown cult’s murderous antics. She suffered from all kinds of phobias, and nobody believed she was actually seeing evil clowns everywhere she went. Even when it turned out Ally wasn’t just hallucinating monsters, it was hard for fans to like her because she spent so much of the show freaking out, shutting down, and screaming.

But Ally’s back as the season nears its conclusion, and all that trauma has left her stronger. Fans are having a blast with the new and improved Ally, who has (supposedly) joined the clown cult and pledged her loyalty to evil cult leader Kai Anderson (Evan Peters).

In Episode 9, Ally dropped a serious bomb on her traitor wife Ivy (Alison Pill), who joined the cult and used it to drive Ally crazy so she could get custody of her son. Ally didn’t forget — and she laid it all out for Ivy in a scene that had fans screaming.





But Ally (and Sarah Paulson) wasn’t the only one getting a round of applause from the audience. Episode 9 also featured scenes in which Kai, as narrator, discussed real-life cults and the mass suicides their followers committed. In each of those scenes, Peters popped up as the cult leaders, and viewers were impressed.



And there was no shortage of twists this episode. When Kai claimed to be the biological father of Ally and Ivy’s son Oz (Cooper Dodson), fans weren’t sure what to make of it.



It turned out, though, that Ally was one step ahead — and while she discovered Kai wasn’t really Oz’s dad, she’s letting him think they’re family. Ally’s got a plan, and finally someone is turning the tables on the great manipulator.


Overall, fans were impressed — and desperate to find out where “American Horror Story: Cult” will go in its last two episodes.