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‘American Horror Story: Cult’ Teaser Isn’t Clowning Around When It Comes to Creepiness (Video)

Ryan Murphy sends in the clowns to scare the hell out of you

If you weren’t already one of those weirdos who’s afraid of clowns, you definitely will be after watching this.

FX has released a teaser for the upcoming new season of “American Horror Story,” which has been sub-dubbed “Cult.”

The teaser features an army — or, perhaps, cult — of clowns, milling about, brandishing weapons and occasionally screaming in angst.

While the clown assemblage is mostly in lockstep solidarity, on occasion a face in the crowd separates from the pack, suggesting that someone might be planning to break free from the cult.

As all of this plays out, a creepy narration intones, “Do you ever feel alone? Does it seem like no one ever understands you? Do some people just make you sick? Are you afraid? We can set you free. We can make you strong. We want you.”

As always with “American Horror Story,” scant details have been released about the upcoming seventh season. Co-creator Ryan Murphy has said that 2016 presidential election will somehow come into play. And new faces for the upcoming season will include “Girls” alum Lena Dunham, in the first episode at least.

Oh, also, bees will apparently factor into things. Lots and lots of bees.

Watch the teaser above and share your own theories about the upcoming season in the comments section.