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‘American Horror Story’ Star Finn Wittrock Praises Lady Gaga as ‘Unstoppable Workhorse’ (Video)

Actor shared several blood-sucking scenes with his costar last season

Talk about on-set love — “American Horror Story: Hotel” star Finn Wittrock has nothing but good words for his costar Lady Gaga, with whom he shared several blood-sucking scenes last season.

“She’s a workhorse, she’s unstoppable,” the actor said in an interview with TheWrap. He added that she has “a very kind of contagious passion … for what she does. You know, I think she knew going into it … she knew people would be a little intimidated by her or, like, daunted, so she kind of immediately tried to dispel all that and became very approachable, not just to me … but to the crew and to everybody, chatting, f—ing around. She’s fun!”

Gaga played the Countess, who took an interest in Wittrock’s character Tristan but also had history with Wittrock’s other character, Rudolph Valentino. She took her work very seriously, the actor said.

“She’s incredibly passionate, incredibly fearless and wasn’t afraid to ask questions, like, ‘Was that good, did that suck? What’s up, how can we make this better?'” he added. “She was always in it.”

Many fans of the horror anthology probably remember a scene in which Tristan and the Countess tag team one guy, a moment that eventually turns into a gore-fest where both characters slurp up the victim’s blood.

“I learned a lot about blood and what tastes good and what doesn’t,” he said, laughing. “And I was hocking loogies of blood for 24 hours because we were really going for it, and there was blood in my sinus cavities for a long time.”

But don’t worry, it was fake blood — or so he hopes.

Watch the video above.