‘American Horror Story’ Season 8 Will Be Set Decades in the Future

TCA 2018: Murphy also talked about that “Murder House”/”Coven” crossover he’s been trying to do

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Ryan Murphy has haunted you in the past and he’s definitely haunting you in the present, but now he’s gonna throw your nightmares into the future with the next season of “American Horror Story.”

Murphy revealed the first details about Season 8 of the FX anthology series during the TCA winter press tour on Friday. The creator confirmed it will take place 10 to 20 years in the future and will be a “projection” story. Even though the next season is set in the future, Murphy says that’s not necessarily the installment’s theme.

“It’s still topical, but [set in] the future, which I’ve never done… I think people will like it,” Murphy told TVLine. “It’s different from what we’ve done before.”

So does this mean the show is going to boldly go where it hasn’t gone before, i.e. outer space? “Not space,” Murphy said, according to Entertainment Weekly. Aw, shoot.

Oh and is “AHS” royalty Jessica Lange coming back after ending her four-season run on the series after “Freak Show”? “Jessica never wants to work,” Murphy said. “Jessica and I are so close that if I could pitch her something that she loved, she would do it. She loved doing that show and she and I are very close and continue to work together, but I haven’t done that yet.”

When asked whether the futuristic thriller will be that “Murder House”/”Coven” crossover he’s teased fans about, Murphy was ready to disappoint. “We’re working on it, but that’s not going to be [Season 8],” Murphy told TVLine. “That will probably be the one after that. We’ve already met about it and outlined it. But it won’t be next because some of the [cast members] are not available.”

No official premiere date has been set for “American Horror Story” Season 8 yet, though it is expected to premiere on FX this fall.