‘American Horror Story’ Star Michael Chiklis Concerned About Growing ‘Baldism’ Problem (Video)

Actor tells Jimmy Kimmel he’s often mistaken for other bald celebrities like Bruce Willis, Bryan Cranston and Billy Joel

Last Updated: November 5, 2014 @ 8:24 AM

“American Horror Story’s” Michael Chiklis got serious for a moment during his Tuesday visit to ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” He wanted to talk about a very serious thing he experiences on a regular basis: “baldism.”

“I just want to use the platform to bring some national attention to something that’s really a problem, and it’s something that I’ve fallen victim to,” Chiklis said solemnly. “I stop by the bar and a guy will come up to me and say, ‘Hey, really loved you in the “Die Hard” series.'”

But it doesn’t stop there. The confusion continues as others chime in with equally wrong guesses as to who “The Shield” and “Fantastic Four” star is: “He was awesome in ‘Breaking Bad'” or “It would be great if I could drop by your pawn shop sometime” or even “My favorite album was ’52nd Street,'” Chiklis said.

He called all of these people “baldists,” turning directly to the camera and framing his face. “There’s a distinction here,” he said. “There’s nuance.”

After laughing about it, Chiklis made sure to clarify, “You think I’m kidding. This happens.” He then admitted that he sometimes just rolls with it.

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