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‘American Horror Story': Which Teaser Told Fans the Truth About Season 6 (Video)

Only one ”AHS“ teaser was connected to ”My Roanoke Nightmare“

FX’s killer “American Horror Story” ad campaign with over 20 different teasers kept fans guessing what the theme of Season 6 would be, and it turns out only one was actually connected to Tuesday night’s premiere episode.

Although the creepy teasers hinted at a variety of possible topics, from monsters crawling out of the mist to spine-shattering alien abductions, it was a teaser called “Wind Chimes” that gave away the real clue when it was released a month ago.

The teaser shows a nurse taking some hedge clippers to some wind chimes made from human teeth, with the “?6” logo appearing in hooks entwined in the chimes. We then see the teeth raining down at the nurse’s feet, and that’s the connection to the new series.

Early in this week’s episode, we see Shelby going about her business in her house when a hailstorm arrives. But when she steps outside she discovers it’s not ice that’s failing from the sky. It’s the decaying remains of some pearly whites.

It also turns out that the “Wind Chimes” teaser wasn’t the only piece of “AHS” promotional material that was hinting at this year’s “Roanoke Nightmare” theme. A bus ad tweeted by Sarah Paulson shows a woman in colonial garb holding a rosary made from human teeth, hinting both at the lost Roanoke Colony and the human sacrifice that will be major elements of this season.

Watch the season preview for “American Horror Story” above, and catch new episodes on FX Wednesdays at 10 PM.