Casey Abrams Kisses J.Lo on ‘American Idol’ [Video]

Wednesday was a banner night for Abrams, whose cover of Maroon 5 also made Steven Tyler curse

Casey Abrams almost got voted off "American Idol" last month but was given a reprieve via a judges' save.

Now he's checking off items on his bucket list, such as macking on Jennifer Lopez and making Steven Tyler drop the F-bomb.

The hirsute 20-year-old's cover of Maroon 5's "Harder to Breathe" wowed the audience, but made Tyler even more excited. "There's a million people in America that are really angry," said the Aerosmith frontman. "You piss 'em off 'cause you're so f—ing good."

But as you will see in this video, it's J.Lo who got the most out of Abrams' performance.