‘American Idol’ Goes Overseas for New Exit Song

Sorry, Glambert fans: This year’s tune is a British affair

"American Idol" has found its new exit song for 2010 — and there’s an "Idol" connection.

A "Pop Idol" connection.

The official "Idol" website revealed Thursday that contestants getting the boot this year will exit to "Leave Right Now," a song released back in 2003 by Will Young, the first winner of "Pop Idol," the now-defunct UK predecessor to "American Idol."

"AI" has used former contestants for the exit song the past few years– including Carrie Underwood’s "Home Sweet Home" (season eight), Ruben Studdard’s "Celebrate Me Home" (season seven) and Daughtry’s "Home" (season six).

Adam Lambert and Kris Allen fans are no doubt sulking over the decision to ignore last year’s winners in favor of a British contestant who never broke through in the States.

Here’s Young performing the song on "Pop Idol" a few years back: