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‘American Idol’ Judges, Jimmy Kimmel Test Peeps Milk: ‘Tastes Like to Get Breastfed by a Mother Clown’ (Video)

”That’s amazing,“ Harry Connick, Jr. declared, while Jennifer Lopez took one sip and said, ”Yikes“

Peeps-flavored milk has potential to be the best or worst seasonal beverage on the market, so Jimmy Kimmel enlisted “American Idol” judges Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick, Jr. to put the Easter treat to the test.

The results?

“It’s going to Hollywood,” Connick said. “That’s amazing.”

“Yikes,” Lopez said. “It’s so, like, milky sugar.”

Earlier in the show, Kimmel and his faithful sidekick, Guillermo, sampled the Peeps milk as well. The ABC late-night host said the drink reminded him of the circus, in that “it tastes like what I imagine it tastes like to get breastfed by a mother clown.”

Watch the “American Idol” personalities judge Peeps milk, and then see Kimmel and Guillermo’s reaction below.