‘American Idol’ Teaser Showcases Big Talent, Tear-Jerking Military Reunion (Video)

Tristan’s amazing vocals will make you smile — her mom’s surprise appearance will have you weeping

Few things are more American than the teaser for “American Idol’s” farewell season.

The Fox clip features an immensely talented 15-year-old singer-musician named Tristan, who blows away the judges with her vocals, and then touches their hearts with her story.

Following Tristan’s audition, judge Harry Connick Jr. read aloud an inspiring email from her mom, who is currently serving overseas in the military — or is she?

The contestant’s mother traveled back stateside just to hand her daughter a well-deserved golden ticket to Hollywood, the Fox preview reveals.

Watch the video above, and tell your co-workers that you have something in your eye.

“American Idol’s” final season premieres Jan. 6 and Jan. 7 on Fox.