‘America’s Got Talent’ Act Goes Wrong: Daredevil Takes a Flaming Arrow to the Throat (Video)

Leading up to the big finale Stock told the crowd that they prepared dangerous acts

“America’s Got Talent” rarely showcases flubs on live TV, but last night’s episode deviated from the norm when a contestant’s throat was struck by a flaming arrow.

Daredevil duo AmberLynn Walker and Ryan Stock shocked everyone when Walker fired a crossbow at a target in Stock’s mouth — and missed.

Leading up to the big finale Stock had told the crowd that they had prepared dangerous acts.

“We’ve prepared two brand new extremely dangerous never-before-seen stunts,” said the daredevil. “Before we do the big dangerous stunt, we’re going to warm up.”

Stock warmed up by swallowing a couple of  swords and an arrow all the while bopping around to jolly music. Everything seemed to be going as planned, until he swallowed his final sword and had his partner fire a flaming arrow at it with a crossbow.

The judges were more concerned about Stock getting medical attention than giving feedback.

“Why are we judging this act? Amber just shot Ryan and he needs to go to a hospital now,” Simon Cowell said. “I’m being serious.”

Host Nick Cannon assured viewers after the commercial break that Stock was examined by an EMTs, and appeared fine. The contestant took to Twitter to confirm the good news.


Watch the video above.