‘America’s Got Talent’ Mind Reader Blows Judges Away – Especially Mel B (Video)

Though she may have still just been freaked out by Colin Cloud licking her hand

Last Updated: July 26, 2017 @ 8:54 AM

Colin Cloud must be fun at parties — unless you have a deep, dark secret.

The mind reader blew away the “America’s Got Talent” judges on Tuesday, when he guessed everything from Mel B.’s lunch to her thoughts — Cloud even surmised her favorite personal adjective.

Along the way, the magician-of-sorts also nearly knocked Howie Mandel to the floor with a little iPhone lock-screen trick. It was all pretty cool — just ask speechless guest panelist DJ Khaled.

Mel might need a few minutes to recover. If you have a couple, we suggest watching the video above.