‘America’s Got Talent’: Dom Chambers Kills It With Math – Er, Magic (Video)

Still pretty cool though

Dom Chambers paid off his big prediction on Tuesday’s “America’s Got Talent” — but that wasn’t even the magician’s grand finale last night.

Chambers — well, 13 of him, technically — got all of America and the entirety of the NBC studio audience to end up in the same place on his big board. And Dom had the pre-printed banner to prove he knew this would happen.

Before you freak out too much, while there were some cool effects along the way, this one was more math than magic.

Watch the video above. As a matter of fact, you’re going to want to watch it a few times to make sure we’re not lying.

How did he know Simon Cowell wouldn’t stand? Have you ever seen this guy operate?

By the way, it didn’t even matter if Terry Crews said “male” or “female” — Chambers just needed you to end up in the middle row, where the only man is Tape Face. Still, cool performance and cooler ending.