‘America’s Got Talent’: Terry Crews Awards Season’s First Golden Buzzer to Homeless Choir (Video)

The Voices of Our City Choir was formed to help people living on the streets of San Diego

Every once in a while, an act competing on “America’s Got Talent” moves host Terry Crews so much that he has to run off the stage and over to the judge’s table to hit the coveted Golden Buzzer.

On Tuesday night’s episode, it was the Voices of Our City Choir, which was formed to help people experiencing homelessness in San Diego, California.

The group performed a jazzy original song called “Sounds of the Street,” which brought tears to Terry Crews’ eyes.

“That was beautiful,” said judge Sofia Vergara. “I think we need more people like you who are really taking matters into their own hands.”

“Homeless is pervasive all over the world, but it’s huge in this country, and we need to solve this problem,” added judge Howie Mandel.

“I feel the camaraderie, I feel the togetherness of all of you guys, and it moved me,” judge Heidi Klum chimed in.

“My favorite moment was the talking. I’ve never heard that in a choir before. The tone of your voice is exceptional,” Simon Cowell said to one elderly woman from the choir who performed a spoken word solo in the middle of the song. Earlier, she told Crews that she has been experiencing homelessness since she was 18 years old.

“We live in a world where there is so much talking, but you’ve actually made something happen,” Cowell continued, before he was cut off by a very passionate Crews.

“Simon, I gotta stop you right now. You said there’s nothing but talk going on, but it’s time to make something happen right now, for everybody on this stage. What they did today has moved me to this point right now,” said Crews moments before hitting that coveted buzzer.

As the confetti rained down, the woman who did the spoken-word solo got so emotional that she gave the judges a scare by felling to the ground with happiness.

Watch their inspiring performance above.