Why ‘America’s Most Wanted’ Is the Only True-Crime Show That Gives You a Chance to ‘Do Something’

And in real time, too

After almost a decade off the air, “America’s Most Wanted” returns Monday to its home network, Fox, with an Elizabeth Vargas-hosted revival. And while the show is returning at a time when we’ve hit peak true-crime TV, the new face of “America’s Most Wanted” says it’s bringing one thing to the table that none of those other shows can: offering “viewers the chance to actually do something” — and in real time, too.

“We have phone banks of law-enforcement officials taking tips in real time, as we air,” the Emmy-winning “20/20,” “World News Tonight” and “Good Morning America” vet told TheWrap. “So we have people who will check out these tips from our viewers, instantaneously, right away… Whether they reach us on Instagram, or Twitter, or text us, or call us, we’re standing by to be able to take these tips and check them out and see if any of them lead to arrests.”

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Jennifer Maas

TV Reporter • jennifer.maas@thewrap.com • Twitter: @jmaasaronson