‘America’s Next Top Model’: 13 Most Outrageous Moments (Videos)

As Tyra Banks’ reality competition show goes off the air, TheWrap looks back at the best moments from 22 seasons

America's Next Top Model

Tyra Banks will crown the last winner of “America’s Next Top Model” on Friday, when the show comes to an end after a long 22-season run.

To celebrate the end of an era, TheWrap looks back at 13 of the most outrageous “Top Model” moments from the show’s 12 years, which began on UPN in 2003 and then moved to The CW.

From Elise’s epic tirade to a model fainting on camera, relive the reality TV insanity below.

Elyse tears into the other models

In a priceless moment of unfiltered honesty, Elyse from Cycle 1 hit her breaking point and unleashed an incredible rant about her competitors. The third place finisher took down the other models over their religion, insincerity and boring stories. “Let me f–king die … you bitches.”

“This is not ‘America’s Next Top Best Friend’”

Jade from Cycle 6 proved to be one of the show’s most memorable characters for a variety of reasons (including a hilariously awful performance in the acting challenge), but she will be best remembered for introducing the phrase: “This is not ‘America’s Next Top Best Friend’” into the lexicon.

Jade bows after she’s eliminated

The other thing Jade will be remembered for? Her amazing exit speech — complete with bow.

Michelle is accused of having “flesh eating bacteria”

Bullying among the models was pretty standard for “Top Model” over the course of its run, but nothing came close to the treatment Michelle received in Cycle 4 when the rumor mill turned her skin blemishes into the result of “flesh eating bacteria.”

Tyra pretends to faint

Banks is not one to shy away from dramatics, even if it brings others to tears. During an intimate moment with the models in Cycle 6, the host dramatically pretended to faint, only to jump up moments later and explain that it was actually a lesson in acting the whole time.

Rebecca actually faints

During an episode in Cycle 4, one of the models memorably keeled over during judging, causing panic among the cast and crew. Her fainting spell was later attributed to dehydration.

“This is my signature walk. This is what’s going to make me famous.”

“Top Model” had no shortage of quotable moments, but one of the best was Cycle 2’s Camille declaring that her “signature walk” was going to make her famous during go-sees. She neither booked the job nor became famous.

Shandi cheats on her boyfriend

Reality television nowadays gets a lot of flack for being manipulated by producers and contestants putting on a front for the camera, but when Cycle 2’s Shandi confessed to her boyfriend on camera that she had slept with another man, their public meltdown was as genuine as it gets.

Tyra puts the models in her music video

Banks can call herself a lot of things, but “pop star” isn’t one of them. And that’s not for a lack of trying. The host had all the Cycle 2 contestants appear in the video for her first and only single, “Shake Ya Body,” proving that not everyone is cut out for the pop game.

Tyra puts the models in her music video … again

Tyra tried to replicate the magic of “Shake Ya Body” by having the contestants of Cycle 22 star in a music video for a song called “BOOTYful.” Except this time, instead of launching a pop career, Tyra was pushing her cosmetics line, TYRA Beauty.

Angelea is disqualified as winner

Though this wasn’t seen on screen, one of the most dramatic moments in “Top Model” history was when Angelea was disqualified as the winner of the “All-Stars” season after her past as an escort came to light.

The show goes co-ed

Beginning with Cycle 20, the show opened itself up to both male and female contestants, leading to an astonishing number of love triangles for just three seasons.

“We were all rooting for you”

Easily the most famous moment from “Top Model’s” entire run, Tyra yelling at Cycle 4’s Tiffany for not living up to her potential is the highest of the show’s highs.