Amy Adams Loses Her Mind Over One Direction in ‘SNL’ Promos (Video)

“Big Eyes” star must also ward off multiple proposals from cast-member Taran Killam

Love was most definitely in the air in the latest “Saturday Night Live” promos. Amy Adams is hosting the upcoming holiday episode with musical guest One Direction. And while she stayed cool through most of the promos, she absolutely lost her mind in the last one.

Cast-member Taran Killam was talking about how fanatical 1D fans are, and the “Big Eyes” star was trying to keep her inner fangirl on the inside, but finally she simply lost it.

With Killam looking on in bemused horror, Adams gave her absolute best take on a 1D fan totally losing her mind, screaming and flailing about, shouting out the windows and ultimately picking up a wrapped package and tossing it.

A recurring bit throughout the promos was Killam being so moved by the beauty of the holiday season that he dropped to one knee and proposed right there, to a less-than-enthusiastic response.

The pair lamented the “madhouse” that New York City becomes around Christmas — while loving it at the same time — and mimed a fun time out in the snow that probably would have worked a lot better had there been any snow, digital or actual.

Watch the “Saturday Night Live” promos with Amy Adams here.

Amy Adams hosts “Saturday Night Live” with musical guest One Direction this weekend at 10:35 p.m. ET on NBC.