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Watch Amy Poehler, Nick Offerman’s Crafting Pun-Off: ‘You’re Being a Real Tassel Hole’ (Video)

”Parks and Rec“ alums promote their new NBC series with increasingly goofy DIY insults

Former “Parks and Recreation” co-stars Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman have a new project that will debut on NBC later this month, which means that they’ve got some promo responsibilities to attend to. Luckily, they found a way to make a game of it with a crafting pun-off video they created in honor of their DIY competition series, “Making It.”

“I’m getting sick of your scrap-book,” Offerman says, seated across from Poehler on a porch. “No way crochet,” she fires back. “Don’t be spoolish,” he quips. “You’re being a real tassel hole,” she retorts. “You son of a patch,” he adds.

“I macraméd you, and I can macra-break you just as easily,” Poehler says sassily. Oh, oh, watch it, Amy, Nick felt that one. Offerman follows up with, “Why don’t you relax and untwine?” “Life’s a stitch and then you die,” she replies.

OK, then things quickly unravel as Offerman embarks on a string of puns that make less and less sense.

“You started strong,” Poehler says after a long pause, then they both burst out laughing.

Watch the video above to see all of the craftastic puns.

“Making It” premieres Tuesday, July 31 at 10/9c on NBC.