Amy Schumer’s Dad Cries When He Meets His Idol, Goldie Hawn (Video)

The actresses star together in the upcoming mother-daughter comedy, “Snatched”

Amy Schumer Dad Goldie Hawn Meeting

Amy Schumer gave her dad the ultimate gift: A chance to meet his idol, Goldie Hawn.

Schumer took to Instagram to share a video of her father, who is such a huge fan of the actress that he has a picture of Hawn above his bed at his assisted living space, first meeting his daughter’s latest co-star.

Her father, Gordon Schumer, was already tearing up even before Hawn stepped into the room — although he blamed his tears on “the weather.”

“Play it cool!” Schumer repeatedly told her father.

When Hawn finally stepped into the room, Schumer’s dad couldn’t keep it together but the “Overboard” star assured him she gets emotional too.

“It was really beautiful to get to see them meet,” Schumer told Entertainment Tonight in an interview after she posted the video.

Gordon suffers from multiple sclerosis and Schumer devoted part of her 2016 book, “The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo” to his battle with the illness. He was diagnosed with MS when she was 12. After going bankrupt, the family moved to Long Island, and later, her parents got divorced.

Schumer and Hawn will star together in the upcoming mother-daughter comedy, “Snatched,” which hits theaters May 12. The film also stars Joan Cusack, Ike Barinholtz and Christopher Meloni.

See Schumer’s posts of the meet-and-greet below.